GVM upgrade uncertainty


Cheers, yeah its a real balancing act to remain legal ,also as you pointed out ...safe,[ mind you it doesn't seem to bother a lot of people as I'm sure you have also seen the amount of mid sized utes/wagons towing massive dual axle vans and loaded up to the gunnels with the arse dragging on the road].
Currently our Lux with the basics -bar/winch/spots/alloy tray/full tank of diesel and me in it [95kgs] it weighs in at 2500kgs which leaves 500 kgs till gvm. Wife and kids only 150kgs combined.
BUT...most lift offs 350-400kgs dry,so add water etc etc etc GVM upgrades seem to be the only way [other than larger capacity ute] . We have also previously had a d.cab 79 and it certainly had its own weight issues.
My only advantage I guess is a lift off will go straight on our dual axle offroad trailer so we could use it as an offroad caravan of sorts and perhaps revisit the vehicle issue at a later date.
All feedback much appreciated.


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Man it is very very hard to stay under GVM with these current dual cabs once you start bolting kit on them for overland / offroad work. My new kerb weight on my Ranger is 2690kgs. So that only leaves me 510kg's which sounds a lot but it's not once you add 4 passengers, tow-ball weight it's more like 150kgs for gear in the back.

I honestly think a good 80% would be over GVM if they have a Canopy or Body, if I was doing it over I'd have opted for a GVM upgrade when I had my BP-51's installed I think but we wanted to maintain the comfort ride at the time.

Our Ranger has a fair bit on it but it's not exactly over the top either and I'd not be without it;

Long Range Automotive 140lt Fuel Tank
Safari Snorkel
Old Man Emu BP-51 2" Suspension
Uneek 4x4 Crawler Bar + Recovery Points
Carbon Australia 12k Winch + Isolator Switch
Aux Battery + Victron Volt Metre
BFG KM2 255/85/16 x5
Tuff 06 - 16x7 PCD6/139.7 35ET x5
Harrops front eLocker
ARB Underbody protection
Dometic 30lt Drawer Fridge
Onboard ARB Twin Air Compressor
Rear Drawer System
SCF Rock Sliders

That's pretty much where the extra weight comes from, there are other items like Catch Can, PreFuel filter but they aren't what I would call heavy.


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My Disco has a serious weight problem - weighs in at 3t with full fuel tanks and nobody in it - only leaves 220kg to GVM so Im over with just the family installed


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New laws.
Manufacture will just makes new limits.

The old saying.
" b*ll $hit walks and talks. "
But to bad about those that already have.