Guide to buying a Hilux


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Hi guys

I'm looking at buying my self a Hilux because i want to get out to explore and travel(alot of off road trip), but also use as a daily driver.

i was thinking of the diesel / dualcab(family) / auto model

but before i go and spend my hard earn money i like to find out as much as i can about the car.

thing i like to know.
any bad point about it?
which year/ engine model ?
should i go 4x4 or 2x4?
how much should i be looking at paying for a decent one?
any know problem?



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That all depends on what you want to do with it, are you going to be chucking a lot of junk in the back (rocks, gravel , rubish,ect) if not, get a prado. If you are then get the Petrol V6. The price of diesel is not worth it anymore, unless you do about 40000 k's a year in it. Get one from the 2004 model on. The earlier ones seem to creek and groan a bit.


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what type of off road trips do you want to do ? touring or short challangeing trks ?

id say for touring a new ish 3.0 TD would be really good if you wanted to knock it around a bit on harder trks you might find the newer ones will need a few mods to get going as the more for hwys.

ie. bash plates, clearances, wheels and tyres.

id definetly go the diesel over the petrol, after owning a diesel you wont go back. hassel free great engine brakeing, great low down torque, really good for long trips + you can go swiming all day long in a diesel as the water will not affect it at all, provideing you have a snorkel and id get one even if you dont want to go into water as it will improve the fuel consumption, if you service it every 5,000 it will last you your life time.


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G'day MasterHai,
I'm about to purchase a dual cab 3.0L D hilux, so have done some pretty thorough research, and having never owned a 4wd, the hilux seems to be a reliable, easy to service (Diesel) competent offroader, without many mods (i.e, obviously you need a good set of tyres as a bare minimum, but a suspension upgrade and maybe an airlocker may also be needed, but depends how far you go off road:confused:)

If you look at some used car sites such as trading post, car point etc...... you will find the average being:

Dual Cab 3.0L D around 2003 model, with 120,000ks on the clock, will cost $17,000 - $25,000

Message the guys who own a hilux, within this site and you should be able to find any hidden secrets of the Hilux:cool: Go to the MY 4wd forum page and you should be able to find a bit of info to;)

Let me how you go


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Hey MasterHai, I don't think you can go wrong with a Lux mate!

I just picked up a 1998 model, which was good for what I wanted to pay and what it can do.

Goes pretty good offroad stock, good torque, clearance etc, and should be fairly tough. I have a 3.0 dsl, but would have preferred the turbo but it wasn't a huge priority at the time. One thing I noticed was I didn't quite expect the gearbox to be so short, but that is more me being a n00b than anything else, and I bought it for offroad, not dragging people off at the lights!

She is a little creaky, but mostly just the odd noise from the suspension nothing too serious, and I'll also mention road noise but that depends on the rubber you have fitted. I actually got in the work commadore the other day and I wasn't sure if the motor was actually on! lol.

otherwise, I haven't regretted the decision, she should be pretty reliable, and cheap to fix when it's not, and an absolute blast to get out with!

As far as mods it's pretty capable stock, but a bit of lift wouldn't hurt. I like the older models better, but they're all good as long as it's not brand new and all plastic!!

Any questions just ask and hopefully I can help to some extent!

Do you have wheels yet Dazza?

Desert Lux

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You need to give us more info on what you intend to do. My 07 Dual Cab is set up for Desert Touring and i did Corner Country last year> the thing didn't miss a beat. The older live axle Lux's are better if you want to do some hard core stuff. As i am a sales rep, mine is my daily drive as well and i find it comfortable to drive all day.

Things to consider if you get the current shape Lux:
1. Get the suspension done. You need the extra lift and it also drives better when the back is empty.
2. Front bash plate. Due to lower front end and current bash plate is shite.
3. Aftermarket side steps. Current ones are too low and weak as.

Taking mine into the Simpson Desert in April.


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i will mostly be driving on Hwy and long road trip ..... will be doing abit of off roading but mainly long distance road trip so need something reliable(easy to repair and get part for) and nice to drive and be in.

i don't really care about power at all, just it ability to be able to pull a small trailer. if i want to drive something powerfull i can just drive the car i have now.

the Hilux will be a daily driver.


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I bought a new one a year ago (3ltr turbo diesel) great as a 4x4 and on the highway but with a heavy load first and reverse should be lower geared when you drive in a hilly suburb, and you are very likely to cook your clutch,for the rest I am very happy as it has plenty of grunt, and Desert Lux is absolutely right get you suspension done, I still have to do it, I dont normally notice it because I usually carry a heavy load but as soon as I take it of it gets very bumpy