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Gu suspension lift in Qld


New Member
Hi guys,
Recently I bought an 04 GU patrol 2 replace my 99 GU. The new patrol has an EFS 4" suspension lift complete wit adjustable pan rods,sway bars,trailing arms and the rest. Am wondering if any1 can tell me what the legal lift in qld is as my mechanic picked it yesterday as illegal n I had 2 inspectors from transport look at it n they themselves r unsure as to weather it's legal or not. It wasnt picked up in the roadworthy,and the mechanic i had look at it prior 2 purchase informed me it was legsl as it was lifted b4 they changed the laws. If any1s in the know could u help me out.

Reading into it most insurers won't touch them either,and gave been informed by my insurer they won't cover it if it's in an accident,so am also chasin the heads up on who may cover a 4" lifft..

Thanks guys

Pure Yobbo

Good luck with this mate......

You might like to start by researching the actual rules for lifting a vechicle in Qld which is somehting to do with a percentage of the distance between the bump stops when the car came out of the factory. This will be why your transport guys wern't quite sure.

Is it actually a 4" lift? how old is the lift? has it sagged? and so on and on and on. If you are that worreid about it through a new set of springs and shocks at it the other gear will be fine or just wait for the current gear to settle and drop it self.