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Purchased my first 4x4 a couple of months ago, a Nissan Terrano II.

I like bushwalking and canoing. With both of these activities I have often wanted a 4x4 to get to better staring locations.

I have joined a 4x4 club to get some knowledge. Now I am finding that I am enjoying 4x4ing but with my 30 inch wheels am having a few clearance problems. Not too worried though, I will just have to keep to a few of the milder tracks.

But then, I am getting a bit of experrence in getting where people think I can't! ;)


G'day greydave, welcome.. the Nissan Terrano was ahead of its time! look at all the mid size 4x4's that are finally getting diesel!! enjoy the site and your new toy.


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Hi dave, welcome to the forums. Driver skill certainly can outweigh vehicle capability. A skilled driver can get further in a less capable vehicle than a driver with no skill in a fully locked and lifted vehicle.

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Hey Buddy great choice in the Nissan as a first vehicle. Mate you cant go wrong with the terrano II. Welcome and enjoy we are all friends in here.