Grey Ghost Newbies

Hi Folks,
Were new to this scene of soft roaders, ave had 4wd adventures during my younger days, these days were empty nesters and starting to get out and about this wonderful country of ours.
Have seen the Oodnadatta track on different shows and we would like to try it, have started to look at changing wheels from the 19" rims the are standard and looking at 17" so I can put a better tyre on.
Any thoughts and suggestions would be welcome.
Hope to chat again.


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G'day Michael, welcome to earth'll have to tell us a bit more, what sort of car ? any mods ? the more people on here know , the more they can help with suggestions etc. - lots of knowledgeable people on here to help out, Jim.
Thanks 2002GU3,
We are driving our 2017 Kia Sportage Platinum, 2L diesel turbo AWD. no mods at all.
We have not had any serious off road trips, it has been a great drive both on and off the bitumen.
To date our biggest drive has been out to Broken Hill and surrounds then out to Arkaroola.
We would like to get out and about while our health lets us. Mike


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A Light Truck or LT construction tyre in an AT or All Terrain will be far more suitable for off road travel. Stronger sidewalls, less punctures.
The suspension on the Kia will be very road biased, read soft. It won’t take many corrugations for the shock absorbers to start over heating. Lots of stops to allow them to cool would be needed for extended off road travel if you didn’t want to do permanent damage to them. Upgrading to a larger, heavier duty shockie would be of benefit if thinking of hanging onto your Kia and doing more such trips.
Have fun


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Hi Michael, as Tink says tyres + suspension would be your main upgrades - maybe add a decent set of spot lights and some basic recovery gear .....
Thanks Tink,
Hadn't thought of the shocks before, will look into them.
Lights having trouble with mounting them due to the various sensors mounted around the front of the Kia, have spoken with an installer, suggests there could be some locations depending on type of lights/light bar.
Totally agree with Tink...... tyres and suspension. If dropping rim size make sure you go up tyre size to compensate so your odometer stays about the same and handling shouldn't be much different. Don't forget to let the pressures down on the corrugations too. Have fun out there!!!!!
Thanks richardlnsw,
Hope to have fun and take a few photo's.
The drop in rim size is so I can increase the tyre wall size hopefully get better durability instead of the low profile tyres that are fitted as standard.