Greetings, LN107 owner

Found this website when looking for info on ARB diff lockers, and found that famous & most informative thread.

Not sure I actually need a diff locker on the old 93 Hilux SR5 (LN107R), since as a fly-fishing guide I don't go into really radical places, and the one time the BT50 behind me needed to engage its locker to get up a slippery lip in a creek crossing, the old Hilux just chugged up it with barely a wheel slip? Probably due to the massive weight difference I guess as the 93 SR5 seems very light compared to new 4WDs.

I don't really know that much about 4WDing, the Hilux has no winch, no recovery points (hooks) that I can see & I don't even own a snatch stap :oops:. I think I'll get the local TJM guys to add a hook to the front somewhere & buy one that slots into the towbar.

Have thought about upgrading several times, but just can't bear to part with the old girl after 18yrs & the Navara & Tritons I tested out hit bottom in places the Hilux (which I believe has no lift kit) did not even touch? My mechanic told me keep the Hilux as new 4WDs need another $2-3K spent on a lift kit before you can do what I do in them (which is not that much). Besides, it only has 286,000kms on it which I'm told is not that much.

So this winter I cracked out the wet & dry, the etch primer, and the Duplicolor rattlecan and started fixed up some of the worst surface rust (esp roof & drivers door - the door had been bogged up when I bought it), and used VHT spraypaint on the wheels. Not as good as new, but a big improvement.

Problems over 18yrs (paid $20K for it in 2000 with 156,000kms on it):
- had injectors replaced when I first got it - made absolutely no difference to the amount of smoke it blows!
- a few wheel bearings replaced
- 2nd hand fuel tank and 2nd hand injector pump (originals started leaking) - I suspect my fault for buying the cheapest diesel in town from a dodgy place. Only use Caltex diesel now and the difference in power is obvious.
- new radiator
- autoelectrician had to bypass the computer with the 4WD button so the indicator light would come on
- worm drive gear in 4WD mechanism seized so 4WD would not engage. Mechanic applied some grease and it's worked ever since
- recently it overheated up a big hill on a hot day causing front seals to leak oil & need replacing (got timing belt done at same time). A month later, the temp gauge went off the scale but luckily I noticed after 5mins and stopped (NRMA guy said if it was a new 4WD, it would have been cooked). Thermostat had jammed closed so was replaced (and I'm now guessing that's what caused the first overheat)
- fuel gauge is a bit dicky

It drives like a rowboat on the bitumen, speed drops to 60/70 up a decent hill, blows smoke...but offroad just keeps on chugging.



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welcome to earth mate, the older cars are a bit rough around the edges, but they'll get you where you want to go, and back !