Greetings from Holland


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Hello everybody,

From the other end of the world I want to introduce myself.

A few years ago I bought a FJ55 on Ebay. I didn't expect my 200 euro was the winning bid..... This FJ55 was in a very bad condition. Totaly rusted and weared out.
I put this wreck on a trailer and drove 1200km back home.
At the moment I try to find parts to rebuild my FJ55. Somebody suggestions? The chassis, drivetrain and engine are almost ready.

I already had a old Land Cruiser 73 and was suprised about the quality of Land Cruisers.

My daily driver, a Mercedes Benz V230, spend more time at the dealer then on the road. So we decided to look for a new familycar. This shoot be a 80-series Land Cruiser! we found a '94 VX diesel, automatic, leather, full-options. In the US we found all stuff to make a thirth sit row.

We where in Melbourne in 2008 and for my birthday our family give us a off-road tour as present.
With a skilled instructor and my wife with our 2 kids in a heavy Patrol we went offroading nearby Melbourne.
Without looking wat's behind the top of the hill he drove straight down the hill. unfortunately it was to steep and the car looses his grip. Luckely he drove the car to a tree. The car crashed into the tree and rotates 90 degrees. A treestump behind a rearwheel protects the car from falling down.
We jumped out the car and wait at the "main"road at least 3 hours for help. A couple in a Hilux saved us and winched the Nissan back on the road.
That confirmed for me that Land Cruisers are the best cars in the world!

We already now the rules of save offroading: Never go alone on unknown terrain and get out the car to look where you go if you don't see the road ahead.:)


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Welcome Ton!

Where is Simonshaven?

I have a lot of family in Holland and feel very at home there - must be the heritage!

Enjoy the site.


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welcom to the site Ton. i have family in netherland so to me it's not the other side of the world


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Simonshaven is a small village a few km's ago from Rotterdam. (400 people)

Zeist is 100km away from here.
Holland is 300x200km, so every place is in range within a few hours.:):)


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For info on different things FJ55, IH8MUD is a great place to look as they still have an abundance of them over there.
Also if you need new rubbers, Rare spares are now out of them but Slocruisers are good (but expensive).
An original looking radio?
paint colours, not all are there but you get an idea mine is 653 olive and 012 Cygnus (paint code 254)? Toyota
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Hey Ton, welcome to Earth.

If you get out 4wd'n in Holland, post up some pics in the Trips section.
Would love to see some flat terrain 4wd'n action ! lol (nah, just joking with you, I'm sure there is some terrain over there somewhere !)