Green vs red coolant in a 1kz


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you do realize unless your car will last another 25 years and do another 1,000,000,000 km it makes no difference what water you put in it, coolant mixture and type is vital.
As CTL said color means nothing, it simply indicates what type of coolant it is and the different properties.
Oh hang on color means everything, use the correct chemical make up and that will determine color

I drive a Toyota not a Land Rover so yes, my car will last another 25 years and 1,000,000kms.
I thought it was pretty clear where I said “use the correct coolant for your vehicle” and “slightly strong mix of coolant and demineralised water to account for the water that doesn’t drain from the block” that coolant mixture and type were vital but anyway.
If you’ve ever lived in outback towns during a drought and you care about your vehicle you’d put demineralised water in not tap water.
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