GQ TB42E vs GU TB45


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hey mates, looking to buy my first 4wd to get into 0ffroading and what not, done some extensive research and narrowed my search down to a GQ TB42 EFI or a GU TB45, will be used as daily driver, camping trips and some offroading fun with some mates.
Will potentially Turbo it Once of my P plates, but mostly after general pros and cons of each.

red hilux

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Petrol = very thirsty. Not good for long distance touring if you have that in mind or everyday car.

Diesel = not winning any speed contests. Need a bigger run up for hills if it’s non turbo

Biggest thing. Go test drive a few first.

I would look at a turbo diesel mate.
I've had both the TB42 carby in my Maverick and now the TB45E fule injection in my GU Patrol. TB45E IMHO is the better performer. It is thirsty no doubt about it. It was on LPG but I took that off and tuned it for petrol only and now I'm getting 15.5L /100km highway. With a long range tank going in soon I'm very happy with that . Can't comment on the TB45 carby though .
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Barra GU

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Ive had both.
The gu is newer, more comfy and all round a better rig than the gq.
I liked the tb42 because there are a fantastic engime that pretty much just rums amd runs amd may not be as thirsty as the tb45...

The tb45 on the other hand is thirsty even when not driving hard but bloody hell they are a reliable engine...

Mine had 480 000 klm on her and still didnt blow.
I took it out in the emd amd put a turbo barra.

If you plan on modding or doing an engime swap go the gu as they are overall a better vehicle


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image(3).jpeg i had a tb42e gq for a long time and it was thirsty, expect 20l per hundred on a good day and it wasnt particularly fast.
eventually i bolted on a small turbo it copped 10psi non intercooled for 3 years with 2ton of trailer hanging off the back with no complaints. was very reliable and made plenty of grunt(left my v8 cruiser for dead) but it drank 98cotane to the tune of 22l per hundred being gentle and 30+ if you were pushing it

ultimately if you intend to turbo later then go the tb42e over the 45 as the 45 has weak con rods and is known to break with any more than 7psi, a good conditiion standard tb42e can live with about 12-13psi intercooled long term more than that will ultimately wear the rings and ring lads out quickly

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The petrol versions responds very well to boost . just 5 psi makes the engine more economical . Obviously the more you up it the more it will cost you in fuel but if you accelerate to keep the boost low the economy is the gain .


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the other problems you will face if going turbo is the std intank pumps arent big enough and neither are the fuel injectors. the 42e injectors run out of puff at 4000rpm on only 4psi, i ended up running 60lb injectors with a drilled out fuel rail as std ones are an odd size, the 45e is a bit more difficult as it has an odd sized side feed injector

a 42e with 33" tyres on 4psi with a small 2.5" exhaust will make about 100kw atw, 10psi and 3" pipe made a huge difference cant give an exact figure though as never rran it on a dyno after the exhaust & boost upgrade. i estimate it made about 140kw atw, given its performance compared to my cruiser and 355ci holden