Gq, factory headers to extractors


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Hi all, can anyone advise me the following? I have just changed my tb42 to aftermarket headers, there is a vacumn operated valve in the air intake which used to be on a short pipe from the header shroud, this stays open when the vehicle is running allowing raw unfiltered air into the air intake prior to my main air filter( also water if i went wading deep) does anyone know if i can just block off the vacumn hose to the carby will no ill effects, once removed this valve shuts and is fine. Part of the cold start warn air takeoff over the exhaust. I have unplugged the vac hise when running and starting and does not seem to make any difference?


muc the truck

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It will be fine , it may take a little longer to warm up the engine to operating temp in winter so just sit still for another minute . You will do this anyway lol to de fog the windscreen with the heater . I Doubt it would be unfiltered air in any case.


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Cheers muc, its still air filtered by the main air filter but i thought it defeats the purpose of my snorkel to have in the system, i will try plugging the vac line and see hiw we go.

Cheers mate.