GQ Coil Cab Chassis Up Tourer Build

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Finally back into it, EOFY/ June stopped me getting any time to work on the bus.

Motor back from the local diesel mob, had them pull the timing cover off do all gaskets and o'rings etc under there also put on a new water pump and some other bits. It got a really good clean up but was running fine so i decided not to get it rebuilt.
Flywheel and clutch are on, will have the motor and box all married up to the chassis this weekend which will be a massive milestone.

Gave the fuel tank a lick of paint and put that back on the car. Got a mate to make a new complete rear loom for the rear of the chassis so i put that on as well.

Couple of pictures below, now that we are back into lock down again it'll really start moving along.

IMG_0240.JPG IMG_0241.JPG IMG_0277.JPG IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0243.JPG
Is it weird that I'm actually more excited about the progress of this then my ute looks good mate, keen to see what else you get up to
Mate back at you the S4 cab swap on your GU has come up grouse.

But yeah the GQ has plenty happening in the next couple of weeks thats for sure. Very keen.


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Have just spent the last 20 mins reading through your build thread in detail, it looks awesome mate. Really looking forward to the progress.
Got lucky enough to get the cab back from the blasters and dropped off to my mate who is doing all the paint and panel prior to Vic going into lock down.

Very glad i ended up paying to get it sand blasted because its crazy the amount of old battle scars and bog it reveals :p.
Both sills were cactus and have had to be cut out and a couple other bad repairs needed to be fixed but over all nothing major.

The roof had also seen better days it was as if someone had dropped a post on it at some point and required a bit of work to get it sitting as it
should, also need to fill the spotty hole that had been cut through it.

Post blasting shots.
IMG_0357.JPG IMG_0359.JPG

Roof repairs.

Sil repairs.
IMG_0456.JPG IMG_0457.JPG

Sill damage.
IMG_0458.JPG IMG_0459.JPG
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Have also got stuck into the tray and canopy CAD work, still a while away from having it all finalised but I did get the tray tacked up so I can further plan it all out. Personally find it easier to work with sizing when i've got something in front of me.

Tray size is 2200L x 1800W x 900H. The base is all 50x50x4 Ally SHS, trying to keep the weigh to a minimum as the GVM is only 2900KG's.
Canopy will be 1700L all to match the profile of the headboard, leaving me a bit of room on the rear for a spare and some fire wood space.

I plan on having it mostly mocked up and the drawings done before I get the cab back in October, so hopefully by then I can just pull the trigger on it all and get it smashed out.

IMG_0449.JPG IMG_0450.JPG


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Sweet build and great documentation. Wishing you all the best mate, just wondering - any rough idea on costs? Cheers.
Sweet build and great documentation. Wishing you all the best mate, just wondering - any rough idea on costs? Cheers.
Thanks mate, I haven't really been keeping a running tally but I have kept all of my receipts and ill throw it all in a spreadsheet at the end just to see how it ends up.
I'm going to guess that it wont cost me any less then 25k (and the rest) when finished. Inclusive of the initial car purchase.
Have done pretty well keeping costs down by doing a lot by myself and having mates help out.

Cannot wait to see this thing finished man! Are we allowed to know what colour it will be? :cool:
I tossed up between white, silver and a gold/bronze but at this stage i'll be going with a silver.
Not sure on the specifics yet can't decide between using a factory GQ/ GU silver or going something a bit more custom.
Been a while between lockdown and lack of motivation but in about 2 weeks the car will be going into high fill.
Dropped the last panel off at my mates today and I cant wait to get this thing back.

Couple of dodgy previous repairs in the pictures below also didn't help with the timing.

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg