Gps New Target For Theft


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Went to Melbourne Zoo today and 2 cars parked behind ours had windows smashed and GPS stolen from both, They are the new target for theft.
Warning before we left home on Zoo parking "do not leave GPS in vehicle", we removed ours before we left home.

By the way Marley looked good, 4 months old today, weighing in at 240kg.


Just as an add note to that Jack1948 make sure you remove the mark left when you remove them from your window, it's a sure sign you may have one in the car.


Another thing to watch is that you don't have home as one of your favourites as while they know you are away from home enjoying yourself they may help themselves


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unfortunately i dont think its the "new" item to steal, alot of parking stations or parking areas are showing more and more signs warning you to remove your gps device and clean the windscreen.

I agree with MJB in not having your home as a favourite, but then again most GPS like my Garmin have a pin lock every time its turned on, i know its not going to help when its stolen but then again its not going to be worth as much when its locked and maybe if more people lock them maybe they might not be a 1st choice for thieves?

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Or just chuck an old Melways (Street directory for all you interstates who might not know) on the drivers side dashboard, if they see that they may also assume the owner can't afford any other toys worth taking.


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you could also try this stuff to stop someone pinching it...
Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit

This stuff was used during the 80's to stick Ford mirrors into the middle of the windscreen
All you had to do was hit it sideways and the mirror would fall off - most times the mirror would come off, sometimes the inner layer of the laminated screen would break off and sometimes the whole windscreen would crack/shatter

Don't use it to stick your GPS gear to the windsceen !!


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Just an idea out of left field, and it wouldn't need to be that specific glue anyway, it was just the first one Google gave me. It's sort of like the idea of glueing a $1 coin to the pavement and watching who trys to pick it up. Someone sees a supposedly easy target and comes undo because of their greed.


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With the price of GPS's dropping. Its not just the loss of the GPS its more the cost and inconvenience of the broken window. You wear at least half a day mucking around not to mention the cost of a replacement window.


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Had an email from RACQ about leaving GPS attached to the window screen and it should be removed. They also recommend to clean the area where the ring mark is left on the screen