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Gotta Love Your Barn Doors!

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by CruisingSned, May 2, 2018.

  1. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Bought my HZJ105 Wagon late last year and have been slowly getting it up to scratch.
    Still amazed at how a vehicle with so many km can run so smoothly. It has been serviced every 5000km with records.
    Has a turbo glide kit installed, dual batteries and the Royale mags. Beyond that it is pretty much stock.
    So far i have

    - changed all the drive train oils
    - changed coolant
    - timing belt kit including tensioner
    - swivel hub kit and all bearings/bushes
    - washed seat belts to allow them to retract (by far the most disgusting job)
    - removed some not so good wiring including a damaged section that appeared to be getting hot.
    - found a loose hose clamp on the turbo that was allowing a small amount of boost to escape (once tightened it was a noticeable change in acceleration)
    - installed a RedArc EGT/Boost gauge.
    - Had full tune up and dyno done - 108bhp out of 4.2l as opposed to work mates race bike who gets nearly double!!
    - removed all the after market wiring that had been installed. It had that stench of dodgy all over it.
    - Had the rust repaired in the front windscreen. Unfortunately i missed this during inspection. would have been a good bargaining tool

    As a result of the rust in the front windscreen it leaked. The 2 channels for the cables had filled with dirt and crap over the years add some water and seal in with vinyl floors and it becomes the perfect storm. Passengers side wasn't too bad but drivers side wasn't far off needing some major work. Luckily it ended up with only 1 small hole rusting through.
    Took a lot of wire wheeling and rust converting to remove it all. I know it's not the ideal way to repair it but i'm hoping that by removing the water from the equation it should be fine.
    Think this was after the first attack with wire wheel and battery drill. Got the 240V drill after that. Far more grunt and batteries don't go flat all the time.
    While floor and seats were out, everything got cleaned. Steam cleaned hood lining.
    Seats got warm soapy water and the wet dry vacuum. Amazing and disgusting what comes out of the seats.
    Started installing new electrical equipment. Added small fuse block and terminals in the drivers foot well. Will install a voltage divider circuit for my Redarc EGT/Boost gauge. When driving at night to be able to see the old dash lights the Redarc gauge is a bit blinding.
    No one uses round trailer plugs any more!!! Thought this would be a better use of the hole.
    Have been filling every space i can find with Tectyl. Haven't got any photos, but my OCD took over and i cleaned the inside of all 6 doors. Found the remains of these rivets in the back barn door. Think these were holding a cage over the back window.
    Previous life think it was a Police car out at Broken Hill. Definitely ex NSW government with first 2 years of services done at broken hill.
    Currently at the stage of putting everything back together but work commitments and little people are making progress a bit slow. Can't wait to get out for a drive. Will post some more pictures as i get dual battery system up and running and replace rear wheel bearings and some how sneak a 2" lift past the department of finance!
    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Nice vehicle mate. Looks like you are doing well with it too. Keep an eye on those EGT's and you'll have a nice, reliable 4WD for a long time to come

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  3. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    I was surprised how stable they are. I even contacted Turbo Glide who were good enough to give me specs for where the EGT probe should be installed and Temps not to exceed.
    Bit of a thanks to Turbo Glide for talking to me. The turbo was installed over 10 years ago by the previous owner.
  4. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Bit of progress over the weekend. Didn't take many photos. There's a lot more trim back in.

    Floor is back in and kinda like Grandpa in his budgie smugglers. Doesn't quite fit like it used to.
    Hopefully a couple of hours in the sun it should settle down!

    Think that is enough cables to start. Fuse box will be mounted in the space near the seat belt reeler. Made a mounting frame but didn't take photos.

    everyone needs a hot glue gun. Bit of support for the crack in the tread panel.

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  5. denmonkey

    denmonkey Well-Known Member

    haven't been messing about here have you .
    Kudos for pulling the floor and seats for a clean. Not sure how many would go to that extent.
    I think you at least motivated me to clean my seats :D
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  6. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    It started with the best intentions of tidying up the bit of surface rust in the floor before it got nasty.
    My OCD kicked in and I cleaned everything and wired it up how I wanted it
    It did smell really clean till I got loose with the Tectyl.
    Was worth cleaning it all.
    Been wheeling much?
    Youre Newie Based?
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  7. SPOD_Here

    SPOD_Here Active Member

    Is there a tailgate convention available for this? Where do you sit for breakfast if not on the tailgate? I smile every time I dangle my legs of the back of the tailgate, seems a shame to have barn doors.

    PS, nice work so far
  8. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    As a bit of an update. Should start it tonight if the battery charges in time. Been sitting for a bit
  9. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Hahaha it's a barn door thing :):D
  10. denmonkey

    denmonkey Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean. Once you're in there and all. I have to go with it whilst the bug strikes otherwise it just doesn't happen.

    A little trip up the wattagans a few weeks back . video and images in this post

    Did a little run out at Killy last weekend...i think

    Heading away to Bylong 4x4 park in a few weeks. cant bloody wait.
    Half way through putting on a bull bar. Should be done tomorrow.

    And yeah, Located out at Glendale. Happy to give you a shout when we head out.
    Usually nothing too tough. Might get a bit more adventurous once the bar and winch are on.

    cheers Brett
  11. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Sounds good.
    Should be up and running in the morning.
    Just spend half an hour looking for a hose clamp that doesn't exist only to loose my work phone in the process and I'm still on call.
    I'm going to bed.
    This is only going to get worse!!!:(:(:(:(
  12. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Finally a bit of an update. Work and little people have been a bit demanding.
    Lots of tectyl. Hope this stuff works. keep finding dribbles everywhere.

    Installed my 2 way. Just a basic GME TX3100. Still haven't managed to hear anyone on the other end. Every time i try is late at night and I'm in a bit of a hollow.
    Test fit of my new aux battery. 36kg! definitely time to upgrade front springs! Ordered a new battery clamp as the old battery had leaked and ruined the clamp.
    replaced the cigarette lighter sockets with USB outlets.
    Dual battery isolater and circuit breaker, driving light relay and spare relay and fuse for back of cruiser. Going to put my compressor in the back of the car so i have installed 35mm2 cables using a 150A fuse. This is for the drivers side to be attached to the inner guard between fire wall and air filter housing
    This is the Dual battery circuit breaker to be installed on passengers side. Not 100% convinced about the "C" shape. it tends to be a bit bendy.
    All power cables installed and tied in. Corrugated for protection against heat from the motor.
    Not the prettiest.
    This is one of the lugs from the original dual battery system install. This is just dumb, especially since it was installed by an electrician. 25mm2 with enough strands cut off to jam in a 16mm lug. May as well have bought 16mm2 cable and saved the expense!
    The cables are all getting relugged and cables have been re routed.
  13. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    As a follow up as well, my brilliant idea to replace the old round trailer plug with an LED reversing light didn't quite go to plan. There's a lot of metal behind the bumper.
    I even mocked it up on the other side and by the time i had measured up it still wouldn't fit. :(
    Will have to find a use for them somewhere.

    Note the Tectyl to be cleaned up from the barn door drain hole. :D
  14. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Guessing the previous owner got scammed with one of the electronic rust prevention systems. Can't find the box of magical components but there is braids for equipotential bonding everywhere. Alot of them are broken now.
    Not the best photo but this is the IP68 stainless glands going through the firewall for the 35mm cables for the back of the cruiser. Preferred these over nylon as mechanically a lot stronger and less likely to come undone. Should keep the water out.
  15. denmonkey

    denmonkey Well-Known Member

    Coming along nicely. Just listen to one of the repeater channels and you'll hear some bozos carrying on there for sure.
    Re the strap bonding, I'm about to to that to mine but it's for amateur Radio use, to stop RF noise.
    So it might not be for rust protection. That said though, mine came with electronic rust protection. I should check for bonding before I go spend more money.
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  16. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Thanks mate.

    The bonding is on every moving panel back to the body. It even includes the exhaust. The one on the exhaust is conveniently located to be easily seen.
    I'm also a cynical bastard.
  17. denmonkey

    denmonkey Well-Known Member

    yup, that's an amateur radio HF install alright, plus the fact that the connection points are all tinned.

    From an amatuer radio install tips page re the bonding.
    "Depending on the vehicle, there can be several dozen other places where ground straps will provide a benefit. These include, but are not limited to, bumpers, bumper backing plates, doors, exhausts, bonnets, suspension parts, rear axles, tailgates, or virtually any bolted-on piece of hardware."

    So you may very well have some you've yet to find :D depends how keen he was.
  18. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Thats really interesting.
    From talking to the previous owner I don't think it was him.
    Would this have been used by police in late 90's? The vehicle is ex NSW Government. Think it was police. I found a few filled in holes that had been for a 2 way.
    Thanks for letting me know. It's interesting to find out a bit of the vehicle history
  19. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    i had the same breaker as you and had to replace it with a fusible link type as it wouldn’t hold under load. As soon as it got warm it would trip and you would have to wait for it to cool down before it reset. That was a 100amp one running a compressor
    Hope you have better luck with it but I tried two and same problem
  20. CruisingSned

    CruisingSned Active Member

    Thanks Alby
    A mate had one fail before he installed it as well. Will see how it goes. Have some ANL fuse carriers.

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