Googs Track Trip

lovin it

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hi everyone,

i am wanting to do a googs track trip with my wife and 2 kids from the 9th july -14th july and am unsure if we should tackle this alone so i would like to invite others to join us for this trip. anyone who has done feel free to give tips ect


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Good day,

Googs track is mild , it was part of our trip last year and in fact the only time we went into 4WD.

Whilst I am an advocate of never travelling alone, Googs track is pretty mild in comparison to say the Simpson .

We came across quite a few vehicles going solo , I would just let the Ceduna police know before going and after you have completed the track , also a contact that you can inform that you are through .

We travelled north to south , have a time out at Googs lake, well worth a day or so to zone out .

Below is our trip report


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go the googs

59 days till we leave ,balranald then to mungo np ,over to port auguster before heading down to port linchon and coffin bay ,group meet at ceduna on the 7th then finish at fowlers bays 19 days later .
This trip was planned 2 years ago amazing how quick it all comes around ,but saying that the maddigan line next year will be 3 years coming and falls nicely with my long service ,almost jealous off myself:D

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Have also done googs solo like many before, pop on a flag and from memory there is a dedicated uhf channel to listen to scan and put out a call regularly to check for oncoming vehicles. Plenty of isolated camping spots along the way and the designated areas are ok as well.


Did Googs solo a few years back. Apart from the corrugations it was a mild trip. Great scenery at Googs' lake and a healthy climb at Mt Fink. Adelaide to Adelaide I took 9 days with a side trip through Gawler Ranges.


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Also have done Googs solo, make sure you get a permit, travel in a Northerly direction and use a flag but the trip is easy with great camps and fantastic scenery.

We had uhf and EPIRB and just called family when hitting the track and touched base with them when at Tarcoola (still had a phone box then) as soon as we were done.


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was great

found the track to be in reasonable condition curragated halfway up the dunes ,rutted till almost to the top then nice soft sand to catch the those not paying attention.
when we hit the railway we headed west to wynbring (water hole )40km?
on the way back we picked up the dog fence just east of the googs track and followed that back to the first gate ,much much nicer drive the bush changes constantly in stark contrast to the googs itself .
and we climbed mt finke on the northern side definatley easeir than the other side .
also If you leave from ceduna and are only doing the googs ,get a permit for your veges and fruit from the quarrintine station saves throwing out when crossing back into town
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Bet the mighty 60 loved it. Sounds like you guys had a good trip, got any pic's to upload ?

Goog's is on my to do list aswell, hopefully next year.

Good onya's.


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Yes Goog's is a great trip with a remote feel and being so close to Adelaide you can easily do it on a long weekend + 1 day, infact that's what we'll be doing on the June LW.