Good Tracks - Wilmington, SA?


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Hey everyone

We have about 8 days on hand and a friend of ours has offered us their place in Wilmington to stay whilst they are away. In the past we have always driven past this area on our way to the Flinders, but never really gave any thought to exploring the Wilmington area. So we are thinking of taking up their offer and basing ourselves there.

Since we have a fair number of days to spend, is there enough to see and do in this area?
Any good off road tracks to do? (does not necessarily have to be hard core 4x4 tracks)

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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Bridle track is nearby which begins near Melrose and offers some nice views of the gulf. Other than that you will need to venture a little further afield to find any tracks.. I.e Down to Orrororo area (Bendleby ranges), or around Quorn (Horseshoe rim etc).

If you like bushwalking the Mt Remarkable NP has some great walks. Alligator gorge and Hidden Gorge are two of my favourites.


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I started a nice little track a few months back up that way, Stony Creek Track, was on the way back from Alligator Gorge, however not far up was met by a locked bloody gate, grrr.
The Bridle Tk is a cake walk, great views, but I reckon the Mrs Mazda 3 would do it easily
There's a few nice drives through the Pichi Richi Pass off the main Rd, can't remember who it was on here, but they did a trip report on them a while back.


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@4Tunner @Grippy Thanks for that. We just want to get out. We work through the Christmas season so this is the only time we get to have a break. Was hoping to do a much longer trip into NT in April. That all went pear shaped.