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Glen Chee/6 foot track: is it open?

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by jgeres, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. jgeres

    jgeres New Member

    Hi there,

    I am looking to get down to the Cox's river Via Glen Chee track, and the topo map says there is a locked gate just before you get to the little river ford. IS this true?


  2. Toddyh

    Toddyh Well-Known Member

    I can only think that locked gate is for a property access off the main trail. It's most definitely open all the way from the camp ground to Black Range Trail.
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  3. Aussiehunter69

    Aussiehunter69 Active Member

    Never come across a locked gate in the 7 odd times I have been down there in the last 15 months , there are three gates to open that lead through private property but the track is a public rd .i also start via Cox River rd and wind out onto Jenolan Caves rd . Last time I took a run down there was about two months or so ago .
  4. jgeres

    jgeres New Member

    that's good news, thanx fellas. did not want to drive from Newcastle to be stopped short by a gate!
  5. Aussiehunter69

    Aussiehunter69 Active Member

    Maybe the locked gate your thinking of is Waterfall Creek fire trail which is in Kanangra Boyd National Park and there is a gate 50 metres or so down form the start of the track just of Glen Chee road /Black Range which National Parks lock only when its wet as its steep and clay based so gets very slippery . There are also a few other locked gates in the National Park that run off to the side of Glen Chee and are for walkers only and Beef steak fire trail near the Jenolan State forest end is also locked during wet weather .All these tracks are the Jenolan State forest end if you want to go down to the Coxs river camp ground you could come in via Coxs river rd of the Great Western Hwy and Ganganbang rd(spelling ?).Nice spot down there too .
  6. risky

    risky New Member

    Is it still possible to cross the Coxs River in a 4WD at or near the Coxs River Campsite? The 6 foot track obviously crosses it, and I have read some trip reports implying that the river was crossed, but I have also read quite a few comments about the campsite being fenced off and restricted vehicle access, quite likely also including the river.
  7. Jaye

    Jaye Well-Known Member

    No its not possible to cross in a 4WD anymore.
  8. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    It's about a kilometre walk from the camp ground to the swing bridge and worth the walk.
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  9. apSlain

    apSlain New Member

    Hi all - thought I'd bump this thread rather than create a new/similar one.

    Planning a day trip to this area. Just wanted to confirm that Coxs River Campground is still accessible via Jenolan Caves Rd/Six Foot Track? Also, can you still depart Coxs River Campground to Black Range Road and back to Jenolan Caves Rd?

    My current plans are (click for map link):
    • Sydney > Coxs River Campground
      • via Coxs River Rd, Ganbenang Rd, Cullenbenbong Rd, Glen Chee Rd, Six Foot Track
      • (alternative route [click for map link] - via Marsden Swamp Rd, Lowther Siding Rd, Ganbenang Rd, Cullenbenbong Rd, Glen Chee Rd, Six Foot Track)
    • Coxs River Campground > Jenolan Caves Rd
      • via Six Foot Track, Glen Chee Rd, Black Range Road
    Also, would you say this route is suitable for an AWD i.e. RAV4? I'm hearing that the route to the Coxs River Campground is easy enough but that Glen Chee Rd and possibly Black Range Road may prove insurmountable for a softroader. Is anyone able to vouch for whether a softroader could do leg one (Sydney > Coxs River Campground) or leg two (Coxs River Campground > Jenolan Caves Rd) of this trek? We're taking two vehicles, the second being a capable 4WD.

    Thanks in advance!
  10. Aussiehunter69

    Aussiehunter69 Active Member

    You shouldn't have a problem doing this trip in a softroader as the tracks through there have been upgraded recently , last I drove the six foot track which was a few months ago all the tracks where in good condition and a RAV4 should manage them will out issue .
  11. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    Don't accidently go down Waterfall Creek trail. It's on a bend where the main trail turns left. A Rav4 may have trouble down there as it is pretty steep.
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  12. apSlain

    apSlain New Member

    Cheers guys - most helpful!

    I just got off the phone with the NPWS and the Six Foot Track caretaker - nice blokes but not the most helpful. According to the NPWS, Black Range Rd should be fine with no closures that they know of but they recommended something with clearance closer to an AWD-SUV than a sedan. Also, they recommended calling on Friday (to Oberon specifically) for an update on the roads after this week's storms.

    The highway to the Six Foot Track should be fine though the Caretaker mentioned that his experience is that Glen Chee Rd and potentially Black Range Rd needs a decent clearance 4WD, not a softroader, which goes against the NPWS. The road is generally good after grading though.

    All in all, I wanted to avoid backtracking and do a loop but it looks like I may need to backtrack if the weather is bad.

    The Caretaker mentioned that if you knew the roads around Coxs River Campground, you could link straight into Bells Line of Road - this confused me. Anyone know more?
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  13. danny284

    danny284 New Member

    My wife actually walked the full length of the 6ft track 2 weeks ago. She advises that the roads are in good condition. The only thing that you need to take care with is the tracks can get very slippery after rain. I had to tow 2 cars out from the coxs river campground and the next 5kms towards little hartley as we had overnight rain which turned the track in to a slippery mess.
  14. Aussiehunter69

    Aussiehunter69 Active Member

    The bloke must have been confused ...its no where near Bells Line Of road.
    Wet weather stay away otherwise you will be fine .And like mikehzz mentioned don't go down Waterfall Creek firetail it is a steep decent with a few hairpin bends down to the creek and last I was down there it was a wet muddy rutted exit on the other side and you would struggle.
    Other than that its a pretty place down there and an easy enjoyable trip .
  15. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    I've been down there after rain and been stopped by one of the creek crossings. It was bonnet deep and flowing fast.
  16. apSlain

    apSlain New Member

    Yeah, thought so. Cheers, will avoid that track this trip.

    If it's raining/has rained the day(s) prior, we'll try and get to Coxs River Campground and take the same way back rather than risk the water crossings on Glen Chee Rd/Black Range Rd.

    I'll endeavour to give a track update post-Sunday.
  17. chrisc5702

    chrisc5702 New Member

    Have just done the circuit from Little Hartley to Cox's River Campground, returning via Glen Chee Road past Allum Creek campground to the Black Range Road to the Jenolan Road. Conditions were dry, with some shallow pools and creek crossings before and after Allum Creek. I would grade that stretch of Glen Chee Road as moderate in these conditions, the rest easy. A 2wd with high ground clearance could have done it. We passed a Mazda 3 coming the other way about half way to Allum Creek. Wisely he had turned around when he saw the track conditions ahead. We have a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk and never had a problem. Much easier than our 4WD training course! In the wet I imagine it would be a different kettle of fish, especially if the creeks are full and flowing.
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  18. Dt1996

    Dt1996 New Member

    Hi guys, I did the cox river road track down to the campground back at the end of December in 2017 and once I got to the campground I thought I’d be able to keep going through the to the river crossings but there was a gate and all fenced off with a lock. Is that the way we used to be able to go or was there another way around? I want to head back there this weekend but if that gates still locked I might just go in from black range road and try and see how far I can get
    Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks
  19. Toddyh

    Toddyh Well-Known Member

    The campground has always been a 'dead end' in that you could never keep going across the Cox's river. It used to have a decent amount of space to park or even camp but now it's a tiny little car park and the campground is fully fenced off. It's a hikers camp now.
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  20. Dt1996

    Dt1996 New Member

    How are people going from cox river road all the way to jenolan caves road then if it’s always been fenced off? Is there a trail I missed?

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