Glasshouse mountains


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Hey all!
Still learning how to 4wd, but pretty much having to do it on my own cause none of my mates are into 4wding... or dirt.
Got a stock 2011 colorado.
Wanting to head out to glasshouse mountains but seen some pretty gnarly vids. Just wanting to get peoples opinions on the tracks out there and if there ones i can go and do on my own in my rig and without a recovery vehicle with me or if its best to avoid them for that reason?

Ive done a few tracks on my own (noone else in the car or anything)
Mt mee
Duck creek rd
Condamine river road
Green road
Fraser island tracks

I usually end up taking the chicken tracks if i dont think i can safely get through without breaking something or getting stuck, still a bit of a pussy with what ill do cause im learning and i know going on my own isnt the smartest option usually.

Any suggestions would be great!


There are plenty of dirt roads out there you would simply have to be careful what tracks you took and or how far into them you go.
When it turns nasty you turn around at least have a radio as there is always people out there and if you get caught out you may be able to raise someone to help you.

Otherwise just go exploring and dont do anything your not 100% sure of driving through and have a basic recovery kit people dont like having to use thier own gear to help other people out.

Radio & recovery kit is a must have.


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Go and do I 4wd course, plenty of them about and at least you will learn the right way, been around long enough to know a good proportion of people think they know, but seriously don't.


Careful out there mate. Even the easy looking tracks can get very hairy very quickly!
There's usually people out there, maybe ask if you can tag along with them. Put a post up in the trips section on here. you might find some new buddies to go with.


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Maybe head up and do some driving around Bellthorpe NP which is near Woodford and not that much further west..... Tracks there are all good ones to learn on but if u know where to look, there is some serious ones as well....