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Getting the Challenger ready for the tracks.


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any caravan repair / service business will have scales or take it to a weighing station, weigh the car, then the trailer, then both and it can all be worked out
It may scare you a bit, my D4 and van all loaded and full of fuel is over 5.5 ton :eek:


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Nice trailer, I am sure you will have some great holidays with it.
What is the ball weight when loaded? It was ball weight that put me off a lot of the latest design camper trailers
The trailer is the classic fold the little sister to the dominator, so not a lot of storage in front of axel keeping the ball weight low.
Ball weight was about 160-170kg can’t recall 100%
its 130kg unloaded. Fill the water tank at the back 100L less weight on ball then add gas bottle and food Front section.
I will do a weight check again when I load it up next to be 100%.
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