getting a new winch

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hi all
just wondering your thoughts on a new winch for my patrol
im looking at getting a 10 or 12000pnd low mount winch but wondering if anyone recomends the cheeper ones like Ironman, t-max, maxi-trac or should i just spend the extra and get the good old warn winch
dose anyone run the wireless remotes (had any problems) or should i stick with the wire controls?

i had a 10000pnd warn on my last patrol and had problems with water getting in and stuffing the motor
do you know of this going on with the other brands.
any info would be great cheers


To my knowledge the tiger 11 is the only winch with some degree of waterproofing with seals at all the joints but I haven't seen them so can't comment.

I have now overhauled 2 winches for mates 1 was a warn XD 9000 & the other was a cheapy from Repco both winches were in very bad condition from water & mud ingress. The Warn was tatally siezed (I have a post on here about it with pics) & the brushes in the other one were stuck & not making good contact with the armature.

The only way to keep them good is to unwind & wind them back in regularly especially after water crossings to keep the greese moving & fresh & to keep the bearings free & a strip down & service every couple of years.




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I have an Ironman one which is about 12 months old and it has been back for repair under warranty. Unlike some other brands, the warranty is a return to base one instead of being serviced locally. My supplier does not sell Ironman anymore because of a few warranty claiams but I think the current solenoid is better than the previous one.. However, seeing Brisey's post, maybe going through some water on the way home from work one day when Brisbane was flooded earlier this year may have been the cause of it. I never thought to dry out the winch afterwards but I will next time. Still, $800 v's $2200 for a Warn is a big difference.

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thanks for the link mate
dident know about that brand $799 for a 12000pnd winch with synthetic rope and it only weighs 23kgs
that sounds the go to me and thay clame its full waterproof
dose any one on the forum have one or herd of any problems with them

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just shot simon an email hopeing to here back soon
i just noticed that tigerz dont have a nsw distributor
and just wondering how hard parts are to get

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hi guys
just got an email back from simon and he gave the tigerz 11 a good rap
he said although thay are a cheepy from china thay are a great unit
so looks like i will give them a go two
cheers for your help
i will let you know how i rate it when it arrives