Get snapping in the tourism 'State of Origin' battle


I reckon us Qlder's can do it...the amount of happy snaps we take on trips, we're bound to have a few good ones to add to the tally. Lets beat them bloody cockroaches!!!!!!

Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading
The Honourable Peter Lawlor

Get snapping in the tourism 'State of Origin' battle

As a warm up to the State of Origin, Queensland's Tourism Minister is urging Queenslanders to get to the number one spot in the final days of "There's Nothing Like Australia" photographic competition.

Tourism Minister Peter Lawlor said the latest figures from Tourism Australia's There's Nothing Like Australia - Travel Photos & Experiences showed the number of Queensland entries were only just behind New South Wales.

"This competition gives Australians the opportunity to share their favourite holiday snapshots and is a great chance for Queenslanders to show the world there's nothing like living and holidaying in Queensland," Mr Lawlor said.

"At last count, Queensland had 3,782 entries versus 3,880 for NSW - just eight entries behind!

"It's coming up to State of Origin time, so I'm urging all Queenslanders to get snapping and get Queensland over the line to be number one.

"We already know Queensland is Australia's number one holiday playground and our fantastic holiday destinations are the best in Australia by far, so let's share them with the world."

Mr Lawlor said the Tourism Australia competition would close at midnight on Wednesday 12 May.

"Queenslanders still have a few days left to find their favourite Queensland holiday shot and upload it onto the website at There's Nothing Like Australia - Travel Photos & Experiences," he said.

"It's great to see so many Queenslanders getting behind this campaign and I'm sure we can put Queensland at the top of the ladder.

"Not only will entrants be able to share their photos and stories with the world, they will also be in the running for some great prizes.

"Plus, their photos may even be used in Tourism Australia's international advertising.

"Let's get all Queenslanders behind this great opportunity to sell Queensland to the world."

Entries can be uploaded on There's Nothing Like Australia - Travel Photos & Experiences.

Media contact - Minister's Office 07 3225 1005


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This is the first thing Lawlors said in years. Pity it's relatively unimportant.


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just sent one in then...hopefully i get a set of mud terrain as the prize!! Not much chance in that!!