Get on zoomies funny


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I reckon they look really cool. Especially when driving my truck. I must admit I keep braking hard for anything closer than three hundred metres.
One of my grand kids has a sight problem and needs glasses. Because the glasses would cost hundreds of dollars, I intend to buy him a pair of Zoomies.
I also have not bought a new pair of reading glasses for years and my Zoomies allow me to read the paper from two hundred metres. I must admit, now that my wife refuses to hold the paper up at the end of my street, I now use my Zoomies for Star Gazing.
Because of my ailing sight I did try them for working on my Truck, however I am finding it hard to get closer than fifty metres..


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I saw an ad on TV the other day for them. I said to the missus Ill get her some, to which she advised if I do, she file for divorce.
So I secretly ordered some for that "just in case moment in life":D
Hopefully, I have wasted my money on them.
I don't understand why someone didn't come up with this great invention earlier. Instant millionaires I bet.

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My advise, everyone with a drivers license should grab a pair of these beer goggle's , just think how many accidents you could avoid seeing that far down the road. pfft.


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Apparently there is a zoomies group in Melbourne, it's a secret society apparently, I saw them in the fitzroy gardens at like 3 am , I bet they saw me coming