Genuine Toyota Steel Bullbar Weight??


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Hi all,

I have myself a new 2021 Toyota SR Hilux 4x4 and am wanting to put a 2 inch lift on it however.. the company I'm organising it with have asked me what the weight of my bull bar is.
The bull bar is genuine Toyota full size steel bull bar but I have no idea how much it weighs.. even a ball park figure would be helpful?



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Ring Toyota and ask them.
The suspension mob should weigh the car and not just the car as a total but the front and rear axles to get the correct weight so they can provide the correct springs and shockers for front and rear not just provide generic crap that may or may not be suited


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I agree with the above comments. The guys you intend to use maybe fine but experienced installers would be all over this already
Particularly with the biggest selling vehicle in the country.

Having said that if Toyota can’t tell you a TJM or ARB equivalent would be similar for weight, don’t forget to consider winch or dual battery weights if you are going down that path


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For a first time thread post, I wasn't expecting such relevant and helpful info so quickly. With that in mind I might make a few calls and possibly go with a different suspension mob lol. Cheers for the advice. Enjoy the rest of your sunday!
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They sound like a bunch of amateurs then!

If they had half a brain then they should know all your vehicle stats & the factory weight.

Just lazy ass so called pro's imo!!

They should be working for you if they are taking your cash, not the other way around!!