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Hi All,
I have just spent Sunday in and around the Gentle Annie area in off Main Neerim Road and Tarago Road. I have found several new tracks that are not listed on 4X4 Earth and have drawn them onto a sheet of paper ( home made map ) with GPS co-ordinates, road or track names where known and descriptions.

Was wondering if there was a way to upload the scanned map with all the tracks in one hit ( jpg file - 115 KB ) rather than list each track seperately through the normal process. All the tracks are close enough to each other to be done over a morning or so.

Wasn't sure who to ask or if it could be done, so any thoughts would be appreciated.



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Hi Dave,
The best way is to load it via Oziexplorer and make a track. If you have all the coordinates I can make a track file for you. put them in a txt file (notepad) and upload as attachment in this thread.


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Thanks Quozie,
The issue is that these are individual tracks that are not joined by another track as such. ( Really 4 different tracks in the same general area ). I have been having a play with Oziexplorer and have listed the waypoints. I have attached the jpeg file with co-ordinates etc listed. Let me know if you can do anything with it. I would be interested to see what you can do. ( Also attached the waypoint file list created in Oziexplorer )
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I've had a go but the data doesn't seem right, will have to have a look once I get there. datum appears different but all shows to be WGS 84. Will check it out on the weekend.


Just wondering how the following tracks are rated: Reids Tk, Pines Tk, Helmet Rd, Two dams Tk and Watsons Tk in the Bunyip state forest area.


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Hi xtrailer,
Haven't done those ones as yet, have them on the list to do and when done will post an appropriate response. One thing I have found is that some of the ratings given to the tracks in this area by Parks Victoria differ from what the tracks really are. This is probably due to erosion, wear and tear etc over a period of years with no re ratings or grading undertaken. An example I tried a couple of weeks ago is Bullock Link Track in the same area. Listed as blue, but should be rated somewhere between difficult and very difficult due to the ruts etc.

If there are other tracks you have tried in the area and have found to be about medium, would appreciate some info.


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Gps Points That You Supplied

Just entering your GPS points into Google earth comes up with this


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