General questions

Hi, I'm totally new to owning 4x4s and still trying to figure out a few things. I have a 92 nh Pajero and my partner has an ng gen 1 Pajero.

In regards to the ng .. she brought it recently and it came from a mechanic. My questions regarding that, is it's on gas and when out 4wd if she goes up a slight hill, or down a rocky embankment the car will just cut out as if the engine isn't getting enough gas. We went driving one night after she brought it and went up a hill, then down the other side and the car just wouldn't start, for about 2 hours. It managed to start for about 10 minutes, then we were trying to leave the area we were in, and got to another uphill rocky area, and it cut out and this time we had to use the winch to get us out.

We tried to start it on petrol and not gas, but it was acting like it had none.

We are looking at getting new wheels for her car, but we are unsure on what will fit, and what won't fit. The current wheel pattern is

Since being so new to 4x4s we are both unsure on how big we can go and what other tyres are compatible.

In regards to the nh..
The only issue with that is when in 4x4 mode, the car makes a clicking noise on the passenger side. Was told CVs might be dirty, and others have said they need to be replaced.


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Auto hubs?
It might just need the hub removed, cleaned and re-greased (but don't over do it as too much grease can cause it to drag as well). If it doesn't work, then there are manual hubs that I think are an improvement.

You can go 50mm/2" over stock. I'm pretty sure that standard were close to 30x9.5R15, so you could probably go 32", but the 31's still do OK.

No idea on the gas issue, but a mechanics car.... a bit like concreters with no paths around their yard, plumbers with dripping taps and electricians with bung lights.