Gen 1 Pajero swb front locker...


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Ok guys so if memory serves me correctly there is no front locker available for a gen 1 Swb.

Only the lwb v6 which has the wrong diff gears I require. So basically I need to run the physically smaller front diff...

So my shorty has a 4d56t and iv just bought an na with 4d55 which will have the 5.2 diff gears so I can run bigger tyres with decent gearing.

Before I fit the diffs I’m seriously considering fitting manual front hubs and welding the front diff centre to lock it.
My theory is that I can just unlock 1 or both hubs when I don’t want the front locked.

If there was an off the shelf locker option I’d happily buy it as I don’t mind spending the $$$ ... unfortunately as far as I know there isn’t...

So my question is, will it work? Anyone ever done it? Pros and cons?

Keep in mind, my shorty is a weekend only toy with big lift and big tyres .


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red hilux

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You will hardly have steering while locked. You would need to get out and unlock as you said. Problem is sometimes when your climbing ruts and need to steer. You may need to get out and unlock a hub. Hopefully not in mud.

If you have 1 hub unlocked, and you tyre lift the locked wheel. You have lost drive to the front


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Are you happy to drive yourself batspit crazy getting in an out the door locking and unlocking the hubs?
Once you lock front diffs [and rear diffs] steering is affected.
I've never Mig Locked a front diff, rears, yes and they are a beach to drive on a hard surface with no choice. A front diff lock is the same, if you have soggy spots yes lock, but then you come off the soggy onto hard, you will curse the day you held that magic hot melt glue gun wand in your hand.

If I was to contemplate the action of a Mig Locker, I would go mongrel with the hot melt glue on the old diff, then see if I liked my actions before I roo ted up the good diff and had to buy yet another one? because you may think it's a good idea now, and after unleashing the hot melt glue, it's too late.:cool: