Beaut Ute

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G'day, I'm more here for the camping related stuff primarily.
I have a little Lada Niva ute that gets me where I need to be, camping.

Beaut Ute

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G'day mate, its a 92 ute thats been kept in great condition. As a small 4X4 I like it, cheap, easy to maintain, and basic.
I havn't had any troubles with it so far, I dont really have an opinion on how good they are compared to anything as it's the first 4B i've had.


Welcome to Earth, it doesn't matter what you drive so long as it gets you where you want and is reliable too.


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Gidday mate, welcome to the site.A bloke down the road from me has had a Lada
for years and swears by it.(probably at it too).If it does what you need it to,doesn't
matter what badge is on it.


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Lada's are great little machines, a mate a I used to love bashing his until it was involved in an accident with a truck, he walked away but the car didn't unfortunately...