Just a quick note to say Hi. Found this forum via a link re Hell Track trip report. I am from Vic and running a Patrol 4.2 Turbo diesel ute which I inherited from my son. I have only been 4x4 for approx 2 yrs. I have done a couple of day runs with groups from 'another forum', but seem to finish up out on my own with just my 'jockey'. This is not ideal when you do Lady Sutton Manor and Youngs Track in Neerim Sth, alone. So looking for like minded people to do some day or weekend runs in the Gippsland area. Happy to take on anything, in fact Hell Track sounds just right........
Brian :D


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G'day Brian,

Living just around the corner from you (Beacy), those areas are pretty much in our back yard. Hell Track was a lot easier going down than it was a couple of weeks earlier trying to get up, but we did make it, eventually. LM Sutton Sth is the same.

Keep an eye out on the Trips and Gatherings section, particularly in the Gippsland section, there are usually a few day trips going on in and around that area. A few of us are getting back into the Bunyip area now it has re opened.

Welcome to the site and Merry Christmas.



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Hi Brian (and jockey), welcome. Gippsland area seems pretty popular on this site. Haven't experienced being out on your own on any of the trips I've been on from earth.