G'day there!

mark daly

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Hello from Mark & Lisa. We are new to the site. Have a Patrol with 2" lift, 33" tyres, running diesel gas. Done a bit of 4wdriving.


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g'day Mark and Lisa. Guys, Start a new thread in "my 4wd" Peaple on here will be keen to read your thoughts on Diesel/gas. Give all the detail you can. You've at least got a good start, driving a Patrol! Welcome aboard!!


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Mark and Lisa enjoy the site. Lots great people and info here.
Cheers Croozer

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Welcome Aboard Mate - Another Patrol Owner jolly good.

Interested to hear you experience with Diesel Gas.



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yeah welcome people i would be interested even though you guys own a patrol its all relavent lock the hubs and enjoy the ride ya cant really pick on the patrol owners theres to many on this site