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Couldn't find a new members or welcome section, so thought I'd say hi in here.

Found this site from a member on another forum who posted up a link to it.

I have a 1989 Hi Roof Ti model, GQ Nissan Patrol, 4.2 diesel, intercooler and turbo.
Front and rear factory lockers, and snorkel.
Nothing real flash, but gets me around (slowly or it overheats).


Still want small lift, 33's, winch, rear-quarter chop and barwork, and a custom front bar.


Hi Ezookiel,

Welcome! :)

Thanks for signing up. As you can see from the front page, we are still in Beta, trying to iron out a few of the bugs with the site and add a few of the final features we need before we go live. The team is working hard and we are not far off now. Thanks for the suggestion about a welcome forum. We might try and get that done today.

If there are any features you would like to see, or changes that you think would be good, please let us know, as well as any of the dreaded bugs.

If you want to try and upload some GPS files and test that functionality, that would be great too.



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Wow, you guys sure work fast.
It wasn't even a specific suggestion, just a comment that I hadn't found a new members introduction area, and already you've created one. Thanks.

Yes, I realise it's all still in beta, but that's fine by me. I won't really get a chance to explore or play around with the site for a day or two probably, and have very few track logs to upload yet, but will certainly start adding them as I can, because I like the concept you have here.

Anyway, gotta go, some new geocaches got placed last night, so gotta go claim a few for my tally.
Feel free to move this to your introductions area if you wish, and edit it accordingly.


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Hi There

Newbie to Newbie



90 Series Prado, Winch, Wireless Winch Remote Lightforce 240s, UHF, 2 inch Dobinsons Lift, Quest GPS, Optima Battery and lots of other toys