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G'Day im Mat,

I am a 4x4aholic.... I have been under the influence now for about 10 years, my first truck was a first gen 4 runner, with live axles front and rear, 4 inches of lift: 2 inches suspension lift and 2 inch Body lift, and an after market turbo hanging of the 2.4L in placeof the Aircon... I did have Flippy windows though ;).

My 2nd was a KZN185 Surf, the super rare one based on the prado, not the much more common and unreliable hilux. 3L Turbo prado Chassis and Suspension
that had almost 400k on the clock so I sold it and.

Invested in my new Pajero Sport. As a Toyota guy I thought I was having a nightmare:eek: HAHAHA... Nah not really, I love it.. She has blown me out of the water how capable that thing is, especially with the mods I have made.

I Tried to list my mods when I joined this forum but I ran out of room... Ooops

the list so far:
Outback Armour 2 inch lift with adjustable fronts
PIAK triple loop Bar
Runva 11xp Premium winch
Brown Davis Full length underbody protection
Safari Snorkel
Front Runner slimline 2 Platform

Future Mods:
Custom DPF Back exhaust... I know there is no performance gain due to DPF:rolleyes: however it will sound less like a vacuum cleaner.
And a diesel tune (After new car warranty is done on the engine) Apparently they get around a 30% gain out of these.. (Not that it needs it.. But who says no to more power?) ;)

Is there any other pajero sport owners on here?

Thanks again guys,
I look forward to healthy discussion and sharing of knowledge!
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