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Hi all,
We're a husband and wife team, he drives, fixes and packs, she nags, plans and navigates. Since we adopted Ekki in 2001 we've done SE SA, circumnavigated Tassie in winter, done The Grampians and Great Ocean Rd, drove to Townsville/Cairns and back via Agnes Waters and of course Fraser Island, played at Opha (Orange NSW), did 5 station tracks in the Flinders in 5 days, and played around the Adelaide Hills and Yorke Peninsular on day trips.
We first got our taste when we took our old Toyota Liteace up the Birdsville and stayed on a cattle station just out of Mungarinee Station then back via Arkaroola with our 3 kids, an adventure in itself but it gave us a taste of what's out there.
We've a big trip in 2011 (been planning it since 1998) without the kids as they will be old enough to be left at home and we're running away to Darwin then back via The Kimberleys and the West Coast of WA taking as much time as we need to see what we want to see so was very interested in the track info here.


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Hi Guys,
Welcome to the site, sure you will find all the advice you need here.


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Welcome guys,
Love to do those trips! Maybe when the boys get a bit older I can talk the other half into it.

Ekki Adventurers

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Hi Croozer,

We did the first desert trip in the van back when our kids were aged 8 7 & 5. We decided to wait until there were no more nappies and the youngest was in school/Kindy. We did a big trip e.g. 1 - 2 weeks every two years then a smaller long weekend type trip in the years inbetween. Oh and as far as the other half goes, don't start off with camping if she's not keen. We stayed in Caravan Park Cabins on most of our trips, when there's a family it's not too bad in the cost, saves towing and added fuel, and at night your all safely locked inside a little house with almost always a TV & toilet, can be a god send when travelling with 21st Century kids.