Gday from Rocky

patrol dude

Hey guys just joined. Have been 4WDing for years. I own a 4.2TD Patrol with a few odds and ends on it. Goes pretty good. Have been tenting it for the last 20 odd years and just upgraded to a new TVAN MURRANJI at Xmas. Heading across the Simpson at the end of June for a month with a mate of mine. Hope to see some of you guys around this great land of ours in the future. Cheers :D


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Hello an welcome too
you will have to catch up with us rocky members on next trip around cq.


Welcome to 4x4 Earth. Great to see another Rocky member. We will let you know next time the C.Q.Crew go wheeling.


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Good to see ya still alive.:rolleyes:

We oughta have a beer one day!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

Any idea where we should meet??:D


Hi GoldRush, would love to tag along time permitting. Cheers

Keep an eye on him Cliffy...he is easily lead....make sure you have a beer or two handy just in case your still about at beer o'clock and maybe a swag...they come for a beer and then don't leave ;):rolleyes:

Glad to see your home safe and hope that the rest of your trip was as enjoyable as the beginning :D

patrol dude

Aww come on Challengelee, the way i remember it I had RUM and you had some Heinkine's - it was a fair trade - and then well your camp fire was to alluring ... LOL;)