G'day from Perth, WA


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G'day all,

Thought it was about time to get out amongst it. Looking at getting away over the mid year school break, my family with me youngsters and my dog (canine that is.............I'm not referring to the wife).
Got a Triton 4WD and use of a camper trailer. Without venturing too far afield, 2 - 4 hours tops, keen for some fishing and general R&R. Prefer beach enviro but can't be picky,

Any suggestions



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Welcome to 4x4 Earth. There are heaps of interesting threads and keep an eye on the section covering trips in your state/area.

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Hi Syngen
G'Day from SA and welcome,
We're planning to do the WA trip (top to bottom) next year so should be near Perth about August next year. Would love to join in on a trip then. I know it's a long way away at the moment but the months seem to just be flying by.