G'day from Melbourne


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G'day all.

Lurked this forum for a while now on advice of a couple of members (NickJ and Sschmez) and thought I'd better join. I think I might know some others on here as well.

Have just put my name down for the trip next May to Walhalla area with Rudy (maptrap)so hopefully can catch up with a few of you there.

Met some of you at the Toombon Cemetery working bee. Hopefully can get to some more.

Have a wife and three young kids (Kids happy to come out 4WDing and camping, wife needs some encouragement).

Have just recently bought the 'cruiser (2nd 4WD). First one was a '92 Pathfinder that I owned and used for nearly 11 years. Had to get rid of it - couldn't fit the bigger family in.

See you in the soup!


Hi there Darren took u a while to jump on board, oh well doesn't matter your here now welcome and enjoy your stay.


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Welcome to the forum again Darren

Going out to Noojee with Bainsey tomorrow. Should be fun although heaps of rain here today, hasn't stopped....



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Thanks for the welcomes.

Yeah Sschmez, i've heard that 'last one turns up' threat before. I'd be writing my whole life if that was the case.