G'day from Chopper


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Name's Dave.

I live in fabulous Hervey Bay, QLD with Mrs Chopper, Chopperette (4) and Chopperina (2).

It could be said that we know our way around 4bys, we own and operate P7 Offroad Accredited Offroad Driver Training, it was actually on a recent course with the very friendly people from Wide Bay Burnett 4x4 club that i was pointed this way, then saw a sticker on a grey (I think, it was dark) dual cab 'lux outside Red Rooster a week or so ago, that prompted me to sign up.

I don't get out wheeling for fun much anymore, not that having to spend all weekend in low range while conducting courses, is a bad way to be... (that and the two littlies take a bit more preparation and planning than when it was just the future Mrs Chopper and I, and a troopy.

We drive an 04 patrol which isn't quite stock, and the family car is a '97 Jeep Cherokee TD which is!

Look forward to delving into the threads and seeing who I know...


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Welcome aboard mate. Quozie was telling us about the course he has recently done with you when we were all at LCMP. Sounds like you really know uour stuff.



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Hey Dave, Good to see ya here. Had a blast at LCMP this weekend. Hope to catch up again soon


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Hi Dave and Family
Welcome to the site
Certainly plenty of threads to delve into.