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G'day from Canberra


New Member
Hi all,
Another newbie here, have been reading up on this forum, and others, and watching a lot of youtube, having known just about nothing about 4x4, but have always been keen!

One day I'll get something that'll take the family on the Canning stock route, and do some outback exploring! First step will be getting a vehicle, keen on the 80 series cruisers, or GQ Patrols.

For now, we're buying up on camping gear, seasoning our cast iron cookware which we got as a wedding present, and haven't used yet, and will start camping in spring in spots that our stock impreza 2.0i can go :)

One thing I've not figured out yet, is how do I get the actual GPS data out of the tracks part of the website? Is there something I'm missing? All I see is a description and a google map with a starting marker, no GPS plots of the track.


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Gday mate welcome to the forum. A few weeks ago the web site was updated in a big way, and the tracks database is not finished updating yet. When its finished the gps data should be available.
I do not know how long it will take for it to be ready.


New Member
Thanks Billolga, I'll definitely hit up one of the clubs around here for some training and expiditions!
Thanks for that 4runnerSteve, I'll keep being patient then, getting new stuff in to production is always fun :)