G'day Fellas


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G'day fellas,

How's it going?

My names Travis. I thought I'd join a 4WD forum. Been looking at doing a bit more 4WDing and camping.

I just bought a 1985 Nissan Patrol Turbo Diesel off ebay which I'll pick up next weekend. Just wanted something nice and cheap that i don't mind getting wrecked out bush. Can't wait to pick it up and get some bush kays up.

So yeah.

my user name comes from my BA XR8 and i also have a 1966 Ford XR Falcon for playing with.


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Picked up the Patrol today. A bit on the dodgey side, but for what i paid for it im not complaining.
Got a bit of a job ahead of me before roadworthy comes along, so I'll prob be asking quite a few questions on here shortly. I'll prob give it a good going over tomorrow and get a bit of a list of things to get and fix.

We'll see how i go.
Bit excited bout heading out after it's all sorted. Going to be loads of fun.
Will put up pics in the My 4WD section soon. So keep a look out.