Gday everyone


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Just been told about this site by a mate of mine so I thought I'd drop in and check it out.
I'm from Newcastle NSW and drive a 99 Suzuki Jimny with a 2 inch lift which basically goes anywhere (it's just the driver who chickens out:() that my mates Hilux goes.
If any fellow Newcastle locals are out and about on the weekends we would of bound to pass tracks because I try and get out as much as I can on the weekends and talk to a lot of people while I'm out 4wding.
My 10 year daughter is my spotter and she keeps me honest and continuously reminds me "Dad this is your daily drive so don't be silly or I'm getting out and Mum will kill you if you damage it." (she reminds me so much of her mum:p)
Me mate and I (and kids) try and get out as often as we can all around Newy.

Thanks and Hello and I hope to see you all around someday.



G'day Woodie I think we have all had the same problem at some stage after you get your first dent the one you must obey eases up.


Hey Woody,

You've got some great places to get out up in Newcastle. We had a big meet up in June and spent a day up in the mountains and then a couple of days playing on the beach. It is great driving around there.

Welcome to the site.


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Welcome to the Forum Woody. Sounds like we all got the same problems eh ..... handbrakes.


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haha dude my vitara was imaculate when i got it 2 years ago, i bent the sill up a little after i had it for about 6 months, was going to get it fixed, but just went on bigger and better things and now not 1 straight panel left, the sills are now 'well used' as rock sliders:)
once u get panel damage you will get over it and love

welcome and have fun!!!

hope 2 c u out there soon