G'day everyone


G'day everyone,

My name is Evan and I drive a 1998 Jackaroo slightly modified 3.0DTi. I am also a member of 2 other 4X4 clubs in Melbourne.

It was great finding 4X4Earth as I'm sure we can all learn all sorts of interesting info from each other and perhaps have good laugh or two along the way. I am for instance I am a solar power systems designer and supplier and am happy to assist any members here with questions about this and other stuff I do like batteries, isolators and battery chargers. If interested, I have a website http://www.tektrek.com.au which shows some (about 5%) of the products I sell.

Hopefully one day in the not too distant future I will meet up with some of you on the tracks for a good chin wag.

~ Evan (tektrek)