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Just so you know, I am new to the 4x4 family and have no experience with this. I have purchased my Prado for the purpose of learning and exploring this very beautiful country. I would therefore appreciate any assistance with 4x4 trails and tracks that will help me build some experience, I am also keen to learn from anyone else's experiences.


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Hi and welcome to the site. Have a bit of a look around, there is plenty of info, tracks and advice on the site.

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gday mate.

Dont be daunted by it we all started out like you ;) but to most of them on here that was last century:D:D:D:eek: Mate have a look at the trip section NSW and you can join in on any trips around your area.You will be most welcome. No politics here just the usual Nissan ,Yoyota and bitsamissing banter :eek::eek:


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grew up in castle hill geez the place has changed good driving check the must have for newbies for the essentials :cool: