G'day all

Jamie is my name but the wife calls me Fat arse if she's in a bad mood, feel free to call me anything ( as long as it's not late for dinner ) ;)

Hi all, bought my first ever 4wd this January a 2015 Ford Ranger xlt so far I've done one real trip with a group of ppl I met on another site, and had the best fun. I've had some mods done that include 2" Suspension lift, new Baja Radial ATZ P3, Bullbar / Winch Bar, Bush bar, Rock Sliders (Side), Rear Bar, Winch, Snorkel, Dual Battery System and a UHF Radio. The first trip I did was last Sunday and learnt about 4l and so on can't wait to get out and experience and learn all the 4wdrivng has to offer :D

Cheers Jamie
Welcome aboard the 4x4 earth forum Jamie, well set up rig.
One thing you will learn about 4wding is mud can be great fun , but geez the clean up can suck:p.

Enjoy what the site has to offer .