G'day all


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G'day all,
My name's Mick.
New to the site.
Have had minimal 4wd experience and would like to hear any advice from anyone
regarding tracks around Melbourne, or anywhere in Victoria which would be a good place to start to learn.


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G'day & welcome Mick plenty of good tracks to learn on around the Walhalla area


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Hi and welcome Mick. The place to go at the moment is Tullarook. With the Kinglake/Mt. Dissapointment areas burntout due to fire, Tullarook's the best option. Enjoy the site. May see you out there soon.


Keep watching the trips section and maybe u can hook up with some others doing day trips, it's a great way to learn the ropes.


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Hi Mick and welcome to the site there is plenty of tracks for beginners but do not go on your own take another 4x4 with you play it safe mate and have fun