G'Day All


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G'day all, Jok here.

Seems a pretty good site so far, the track idea is great.
Have a GU, '99 4.2 diesel, little lift, few extras etc, usual stuff.
Like to get out at once a month o'nite, and the odd day trip-just making time
is the hard bit.
Have done a bit of 4bying over the years, and a lap around the country for almost
two years towing a van.
Looking forward to seeing how this site grows.
Good to see a few people from my neck of the woods as well.-live in Bunyip



Hi Traveller,

Yeah there a a few of us near to you. I live in Narre Warren.
Bunyip State Forest is the closest place for me to go offroad (I think) :)

We are a bit limited there as we have a Jeep Patriot, but have manage to get around ost of the Park.