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Just want to say G'day to you all. I have just bought my first 4x4, an FJ62 Landcruiser with 163,000 klms on the 3F petrol engine, one owner, no rust, rig with which my wife & I want to travel. It's an oldie but a beauty. Briefly it has the following mods, Heavy duty suspension plus lift, 31x10.5 x15 tyres, Alloy bullbar, LPG, Lead free, 3 driving lights, 150 watt amp alternator, New 5 core radiator, engine oil cooler with thermo fan, tow hitch, UHF. Pioneer disc player/radio, Extractors Plus 21/4 in exhaust, sports air filter, alloy checker plate side skirts, full length roof rack, swing out spare carrier, & oh yeah cup holders & a 12 volt outlet in the rear. Got a large inverter to go in as well for 240 volts..
Has new brakes, clutch & brake master cylinders, stainless steel valves/seats & water pump plus recoed carbie as he ran it mainly on LPG stuffing the old carby internals. The guy never went off road with it & babied it. He had the roof lining removed & roof fish oiled. He used so much Armoral on the seats that when I jumped in, I slide out the passengers side. I plan on fitting better touring seats, a long range fuel tank, snorkel, twin batteries & electronic ignition.
Yes it's a dinasour, like me, not fast but that's the way I like it & its mine. see you out there on the tracks. I'm sooooooooo xcited! Sorry nearly forgot, what an awsome site!
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Welcome mate,

I've just joined as well. Heaps of great helpful guys and gals on here.

Happy 4wding



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Thanks Guys! I was lucky finding her.
Yeah the small tank is a real pain. Have a dilema. At rego I was told that the LPG tank will be outa date next year so will have to get a new one which is about $1000 or just get rid of LPG and replace it with a big fuel tank also big $'s. Gas is cheap, is down on available power when you use it but then you can't get it everywhere. Would love some thoughts as which way to go
Also wanna change the seats any ideas? Can't afford Recaros so will go second hand.