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I thought I might share a few of my findings of this GPS unit. I have had one since October and have been playing around with importing tracks with Mapsource to upload to Open Street Map and future 4x4 trips to 4x4 Earth.

My first comment is a warning. I spent the whole day making tracks of some walking trails and running the unit at 20% brightness to conserve power so it is hard to read the screen in sunlight.
I turned the unit off to walk back to the car. I then turned the unit on again not realizing I had my thumb leaning on the bottom right of the screen when I turned it on. This causes a message to come up after 10 sec asking "do you want to erase all user data". Would you believe that Garmin placed the yes also on the lower right of the screen and I mistakenly deleted all of my tracks. What a pain.

The week after I decided to record some walking tracks closer to home and placed the unit in pedestrian mode. I got home and found I could see the tracks on the GPS but mapsource wouldn't upload them, only the tracks I had recorded while in vehicle mode. Sounds like a bug to me.
I did notice while mapping that when I was walking about 100 meters parallel with a road the GPS appeared to have me on the road and not on the track.

I did some research online and found the default tracking on the nuvi will keep the track log locked to roads if you are near them. One reason I bought the unit is I thought I could get true GPS track logs.

I then came across a web site that showed how to turn on a hidden menu for a true 1 log per second which is not also limited by the 10,000 max track log.:)
Just need to look at the memory every now and then to make sure it isn't filling up.

1) Press tools
2) Press Where am I
3) Press on Nearest junction title
4) Press on Nearest Address title
5) Press on Neatest Address title
6) Press on Nearest junction title

Then choose start recording. This will then record a true track log and on each GPS power up start a new file in a new directory. The file is called gps.bin and then needs to be converted in to a gpx file by one of the following options. Option 1 is through a web page and option 2 is with a program called wnutrak

GPS Visualizer: Convert GPS files to plain text or GPX

Original site of found information
GpsPasSion Forums - [TIP] Raw logging on nuvi 2xx/5xx/7xx/1xxx

And link of a PDF file that explains it all

Also the 765 has other hidden function mainly for servicing. One I find useful is holding the battery icon for 10 sec and you can read the battery voltage and charge state, etc.

These also may work with some other nuvi models.


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cheers I nuvi 5000 and always looking for info ,they were a couple of good links and have bookmarked them for later disection lol:cool:


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Not sure if this works on Garmin GPS but this works on Garmin Mobile XT for a phone with GPS

1. Tools
2. Settings
3. Map
4. Show location
5. Select 'At GPS Location' this is good for offroad. The other option here is 'On Road' for street navigation


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Another item just found again on Mobile XT

1. Tools
2. Settings
3. Routing
4. Route Preference
5. 'Fastest Time', 'shorter Distance' and 'Off Road'