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Hi all.

Can I down load the files to a Garmin GPS??

Nuvi 760 is the model.



I recommend that you instal Mapsource on your computer so that you can upload/download and manipulate tracks/routes and waypoints to/from your Garmin.
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i have a garmin 760. It can read all mapsource files via computer, OR: there is a file on the sd card called "current.gpx" file. This is a "rolling" tracklog, that only ever seems to keep about 1.5Mb of track on a first in, first off basis. Hence if you want to save a tracklog, save the "currnet.gpx" to a new file name, then save the desired track as "current.gpx" (must be a gpx format), and it will then appear as the breadcrumb. This is a quick wat to get a track up on a 760 if you don't have mapsource. Any driving you do will then append to the file, and eventually it will lose the track unless you periodically back up the file. Having said this, I don't think this site has a gpx format, which we need to change as this is the global GPS exchange format.