Gardens of Stone 6-7 Feb 2016


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I heard some time back a lot of the those planted trees (done by a bunch of 4wd clubs) were dug up by wombats. So not sure if the ranger has replanted them?


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Firstly, had an op on leg yesterday so need to see how it goes, but should be OK.
Secondly have got a 4lb hammer and possibly get my hands on a picket driver.
Maybe you could find out if it is just the one area or are there others?
Will be good to get out and about again.

For now the ranger has prioritised this area. There is more work to be done including track clearing and repairs but we will get this one knocked over first and go from there. I'll put you down as a hopeful.

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hay guys been a long long time since I've been on, just had a sticky beak at your high country trip report looks great
put me down as a maybe for this one. Sound like a good thing to be contributing to, to help keep areas like this open
i have a trip to Melbourne around the same time so when the dates for that are confirmed ill let you know if im in or out
bugsy thanks for the tag !!!