Gammon Ranges - Nepabunna / Iga Warta


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G'day all.

I'm looking at heading up from Blinman to Chambers Gorge then heading through to Leigh Creek.

My question is whether you can drive through Nepabunna & Iga Warta on the Gammon Ranges Road to Leigh Creek or do you need permission from these communities?

Some of my digital maps kind of show the road stopping at Nepabunna & some show it going straight through to Leigh Creek.

Any help would be appreciated


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Always check for possible park closures on any areas you intend visiting on the site.
Upcoming closure in the above mentioned area, roads will still be open though...


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We drove that road in November, camped a night at Mt Chambers Gorge. Very nice. I recommend the loop track around Grindell's Hut as well.