G63 roll over


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I'd have one in a heartbeat too, except mine would strictly be a shiny mall crawler. Because there's no way I would take it out on the tracks and be subject to the humiliation and scrutiny if I got it stuck or rolled it heh ;)


It looks like a cool vehicle - will be interesting to see what actually happened. It is pretty easy to do, unfortunately.

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As the owner of a portal equipped vehicle, you are constantly looking at your sideways inclination/tilt and the potholes that you can drop into and tip you over - yes portals give you better ground clearance but it raises your centre of gravity so is more inclined to tip over - you never get something for nothing.

You had me at " portal"

What veeheecal is it?


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Almost certain l passed this going the opposite direction on a tilt tonight on the pakenham bypass. No obvious damage at a quick glance, that l could see. But l only noticed it at the laat second.


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Staying slightly off topic (I have not heard anything about this rollover in the AU G-community yet)

Speaking of Puch, I recently visited the Johann Puch Museum in Graz, Austria. Its a big shed which is very packed with all sorts of stuff.
It contains many items from the Steyr-Daimler-Puch factory (now Magna Steyr, founded 1864) and is was very interesting to see how many things this 'contract manufacturer / engineering shop' invented and made for various manufacturers along with a lot of prototyping.
The Puch brand made bicycles, motorbikes and mopeds. Steyr brand trucks.
The assembly line where the Haflinger/Pinzgauer was made was taken over by G-wagen production. G's in Austria were branded 'Puch' not Mercedes and for the French Army were 'P4' which used Peugeot engines. G's were also assembled in Turkey from a CKD kit.
They invented and made the 4WD system for G-wagen, VW Golf Country, VW Synchro, Benz E-matic, Jeep Grand Cherokee (some of which had a badge on the back "Made in Austria") 4WD Fiat Panda, PUch 650TR (like a Fiat 500)
They made the aluminium body of the Mercedes SLS, the stretched body (5-door) for the Aston Martin DB9 Rapide, the KTM Crossbow sports car. Hydrogen storage tanks for cars.
The facrory probably a lot of other stuff which did not make it to the museum. Unfortunatly I did not get to the factory itself.
They currently make the BMW Mini, X3, X5, Z4 and 5-series, Jaguar E-Pace, I-Pace, new Toyota Supra. And many others in the past.
If you ever get over to that part of Europe check it out (along with the Mercedes and Porsche museums in Stuttgart)



They even a created a differential used in Toyota Landcruisers. Anyone recognise this?


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They also make the transfer cases for modern Land Rovers and the main rifle used by the Australian Army.

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It is the immediate predecessor of the G wagen (its daddy) (noting that the Puch-G is not really a Mercedes Benz as it is not made by MB but is sold by them). The G wagen has also been badged as a Peugeot.


Wpuld you be interested in being part of a filming day out with defender90 orkney and a military mog for his youtibe channel?

That way you'll always have a cool edit available to show friends on YouTube this beast of a rig


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Could happen to anybody in that mud. I'd have it in a hearbeat - maybe with a long range tank to lose those jerrys off the roofrack though. And a BP card, I can imagine how much it drinks when playing offroad.
Underbody protection is seriously over rated when you have portals though haha.
100lt aux tank is still getting made (8week lead time) so unfortunately fuel on the roof for this trip was the only option. vehicle is already in process of being fixed.


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They also make the transfer cases for modern Land Rovers and the main rifle used by the Australian Army.
Actually on the first issue ones,the,Butt Group was,made by Sebel,and the Mags by Tupperware ( the running joke was you could trade it in on nice out door setting )

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Just seen this pic pop up in my feed and immediately thought about the weight on the roof.
There is just too much going on up there.
The roof rack should only legally carry 100kgs on it so if insurance companies wanted to play hard ball and knock back the claim they could very easily of done so.

I just hope he's lucky enough to get the whole thing resolved without any problems

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Those 4 front jerries would be holding close to 20 litres each taking the 4 of them alone to 80kg...

Then add the rest of the stuff on the roof


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Don't worry about what it can or can't carry "legally" on the roof rack IMO just a full length steel rack alone weighs to much for HC touring, any more than 30kg up there and on a steep track its more than enough to topple the scales in the disaster direction