G63 roll over

Barra GU

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Oopsie... looks like an expensive mistake has just occured in the high country.

Alot of people doubted this rigs capabilities but i for one think that it was more driver error.

I think this purely because any person that thinks these type of vehicles are actually going to be a capable 4wd are most probably inexperienced or have high hopes...

This thing is actually a very modified vehicle and even is on portals...

Pretty unfortunate really



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Aparently its also worth 700k ouch.
not now lol....... all that wow factor and doesn't erect itself....driver has more money than talent, what did they recover it with ? probably an old GU and an 80 series..........ha ha ha !
its not what you drive its how you drive !


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Do a google search of the user Id and the owner has posted several photos from different angles showing his vehicle having a rest.


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Could happen to anybody in that mud. I'd have it in a hearbeat - maybe with a long range tank to lose those jerrys off the roofrack though. And a BP card, I can imagine how much it drinks when playing offroad.
Underbody protection is seriously over rated when you have portals though haha.


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in the first post i thought that they were travelling up hill but in the other photos they were going down by the looks

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As the owner of a portal equipped vehicle, you are constantly looking at your sideways inclination/tilt and the potholes that you can drop into and tip you over - yes portals give you better ground clearance but it raises your centre of gravity so is more inclined to tip over - you never get something for nothing.